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Prices & Fees for courses do not represent income for the American Heart Association.
Late Registration FEE: If payment is received 7 days or less before class start date, an additional $25.00 will be applied (due prior to class). (Excludes BLS Courses).
Refund Policy: Written cancellations prior to start of any course will result in an administrative fee of $50.00 (advance level provider course) or $100.00 (instructor course). No refund will NOT be issued within 7 days of an ACLS or PALS course date.
Rescheduling Policy: There is an administrative fee of $50.00 (for advance level provider course) or $100.00 (instructor course). You have 45 days from the original course date to reschedule. If class has not been completed or rescheduled it will be treated as a new registration and payment for a new class will be needed.
Late Registration/Payment: If payment is received 13 days or less before class start date, an additional $25.00 will be billed (due prior to class). (Excludes BLS Provider Courses). Completion Card will not be issued until late payment is received.
No Show: There is NO Refund for no-shows. Student will have to register and pay for a new class.
Tardy Policy: Please make plans to arrive on time. Students arriving more then 15 minutes after class start time will need to reschedule. Required Course Materials: Students who come to an advanced class without the required materials (as outlined in the course confirmation letters) will not be allowed to sit for class and will be asked to reschedule.
Instructor Essentials: The Essentials Key Codes that are purchased along with Instructor courses are non-refundable. Heartcode: Heartcode courses include the online keycode. Because of this, these courses are non-refundable.

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